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The Perch Rock Hotel (New Brighton)

Address: 7 Grosvenor Road , New Brighton, Wallasey, , Merseyside, CH45 2LW

Phone: John 07712100099

Times: 7pm - (3rd Monday of Month)

Notes: "The Perch Rock Hotel" on Grosvenor Road, off Victoria Road in New Brighton We have 3 small rooms available if need be, and it is a pub that deserves support. See you there! There are a couple of steps through the main entrance, however there is wheelchair access through the entrance to the bar.

Link: http://whatpub.com/pubs/WIR/124/perch-rock-hotel-new-brighton

Upcoming Topics/Events

Topic Proposed Date Time
Work: who needs it? The group 20/05/2019 19:00
Following the end of the Finnish trial of Universal Income, what lessons have we learnt? The future of work was raised in our session in January, so by looking at the Finnish experiment we should have some data to inform our discussion
Let's get Enlightened... The group 17/06/2019 19:00
Moving onto the Age of Enlightenment we take a look at the work of the political thinkers of the time such as Hobbes, Locke and Rousseau, amongst many others. Propelled by the changing times and the greater freedom to express ideas, how did these philosophers respond or was it just something to do with the wigs they wore?
Ethics of the Future The group 15/07/2019 19:00
How do we take account of future generations when we consider our ethical values and actions? The article reexamines utilitarianism, as promoted by Jeremy Bentham and John Stuart Mill, and suggests that 'pianism' might be more appropriate in this context.
On your Marx.. The group 19/08/2019 19:00
Revolutions are as old as human society, but in the mid 19th Century Karl Marx combined social re-engineering and economics to map out an alternative classless world. The term communism goes back as far as, yes, you’ve guessed it, Aristotle’s The Politics and most probably earlier. However, Marx’s critique of Capitalism was a catalyst to a succession of great literature on the evil’s of this economic system that continues to this day, for example Piketty’s Capital of 2013.A discussion on the continued relevance of Marx and his peers is unavoidable in any review of modern political theory.
Is war functional for society? The group 16/09/2019 19:00
Some of you may recall that last year Mike encouraged us to look at Emile Durkheim’s theory that crime is functional for society. This approach moves beyond that idea and, perhaps, gives a different slant on the Just War theory. Are there any positive consequences to large scale violence?
Have our politicians let us down? The group 21/10/2019 19:00
We have seen recent referendums capture the attention of the public and lead to large voting turnouts. However, have the resultant divisions and political turmoil been worth it. This is a non-partisan look at the machinery of today's politics and those that manage and/or exploit them. Are there better alternatives?
Stepping through the Ages. The group 18/11/2019 19:00
There have been numerous attempts to categorise the various phases of life, such as the Three Ages of Man by Titian or the Seven Ages of Man by Shakespeare. These artists have used their talents to examine and express the challenges we all face as we transition between different stages in our lives. How do we handle these challenges today and are there new factors that will make this easier or harder for our children?
Winter Equinox Special (TBA) The group 18/12/2019 19:00

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