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Here are all the up and coming enquiry topics and events.

Topic Venue Presenter Date Time
Fake News The Victoria Hotel (Waterloo) Tom 21/02/2017 18:30
The News! Keith's Wine Bar (L'pool South) Tom George 21/02/2017 19:15
The News: A User’s Manual ..... Alain de Botton The news is everywhere, we can’t stop checking it constantly on our screens, but what is it doing to our minds?
What is time? The George Hotel (Bridport) Tony 22/02/2017 19:30
Why are people happy to believe in emotional nonsense? The Halfway House (Childwall) Derek Crowley 23/02/2017 23:00
false news /post truth ? The Friday Forum (Liverpool) Siobhan & Corrie 24/02/2017 14:00
Google comes up with horrifying results if you google 'holocaust is' and 'feminism is'. Try it before completing 'holocaust is denied by racists and fascists' and 'feminism is common sense'! //www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2017/feb/03/online-transparency-fake-news-internet Continuing to meet in Piazza Cafe - bottom of Catholic Cathedral steps - in alcove off the main room.
Philosophy For Life! The Crown Hotel (Liverpool) Stephen 27/02/2017 14:30
Irrationality Bluecoat Art Centre (Liverpool) Mike 28/02/2017 13:00
Open Forum The Victoria Hotel (Waterloo) All 28/02/2017 18:30
Trust The Cock Hotel (Wellington) 01/03/2017 19:00
What is Art, and what is not? The Blind Pig (Monton, Eccles) group 01/03/2017 19:30
What would you pay to know?
Debate on Social Class The Crown Hotel (Liverpool) Martin v Paul 06/03/2017 14:30
What is Art for? The Sportsman (Huddersfield) The Group 06/03/2017 19:00
What is Art for? - Social status; popular enlightenment; entertainment; an investment, corporate profit - or other things?
Hate and Anger The Blue Mugge (Leek) Blue Muggers 06/03/2017 19:45
Is Art Necessary? The Greyhound (Newcastle-under-Lyme) Group 08/03/2017 19:30
Is mathematics discovered or invented? The Greyhound (Ormskirk) Paul 09/03/2017 07:30
Best guide to truth: Reason or Intuition? The Halfway House (Childwall) Paul Doran 09/03/2017 19:15
The Plague Harkers (Chester) Margaret 12/03/2017 16:00
Logical Positivism The Belvedere Arms (Liverpool) Tad 13/03/2017 19:00
The Belvedere Arms (Liverpool) 13/03/2017 19:00
TBA Bryn-Y-Mor Pub (Swansea) Chloe 14/03/2017 20:15
Is voluntary euthanasia acceptable in the UK? The Blind Pig (Monton, Eccles) Group 15/03/2017 19:30
I can think of a few youths who... Oh, wait...
Finnegans Wake The Railway Pub (LIPS) Jim 20/03/2017 17:30
Page 90 and on.
By Grand Central Station I Sat Down and Wept The Railway Pub (LIPS) Tad 20/03/2017 18:30
Work: what are the alternatives? The Perch Rock Hotel (Wallasey) Perch rockers 20/03/2017 19:00
IKEA and modern Culture The Blue Mugge (Leek) Blue Muggers 20/03/2017 19:45
Larkin - the man and 3 poems. The Blue Mugge (Leek) Blue Muggers 03/04/2017 19:45
Can we have a society without money? The Blind Pig (Monton, Eccles) Steve 05/04/2017 18:30
What! Less than we have now?
Genetic Engineering The Cock Hotel (Wellington) 05/04/2017 19:00
The Happiness Trap! The Belvedere Arms (Liverpool) Russell 10/04/2017 19:00
TBA Bryn-Y-Mor Pub (Swansea) Chloe 11/04/2017 20:15
Consciousness: What is it? Does it matter? The Greyhound (Newcastle-under-Lyme) Group 12/04/2017 19:30
Diversity and freedom of speech The Greyhound (Ormskirk) Steven 13/04/2017 07:30
Artificial Intelligence: is the genie out of the bottle? The Perch Rock Hotel (Wallasey) Perch rockers 17/04/2017 19:00
Donald Trump? The Blind Pig (Monton, Eccles) Group 19/04/2017 19:30
Is that a noun or a verb?
What makes something a work of art? The Cock Hotel (Wellington) 03/05/2017 19:00
Do we have the right to be Offensive? The Blind Pig (Monton, Eccles) Group 03/05/2017 19:30
Please express your view politely.
TBA The Belvedere Arms (Liverpool) 08/05/2017 19:00
TBA Bryn-Y-Mor Pub (Swansea) Chloe 09/05/2017 20:15
Will men become obsolete? The Perch Rock Hotel (Wallasey) Perch rockers 15/05/2017 19:00
Can we learn anything from History? The Blind Pig (Monton, Eccles) Steve 17/05/2017 19:30
Do we really know history?
How do we value people? The Cock Hotel (Wellington) 07/06/2017 19:00
What is a true democracy? The Blind Pig (Monton, Eccles) Steve 07/06/2017 19:30
One where Politicos dont tell Lies??
TBA The Belvedere Arms (Liverpool) 12/06/2017 19:00
What are the prospects for life on Earth? The Perch Rock Hotel (Wallasey) Perch rockers 19/06/2017 19:00
When is it acceptable to use military force? The Blind Pig (Monton, Eccles) Group 21/06/2017 19:30
Stay awake, its the solstice.
How should educational achievement be assessed? The Cock Hotel (Wellington) 05/07/2017 19:00
Do we want to live forever? The Blind Pig (Monton, Eccles) Group 05/07/2017 19:30
Or does it just seem like it?
What is Consciousness? The Perch Rock Hotel (Wallasey) Perch rockers 17/07/2017 19:00
What's the optimal length of a human life? The Cock Hotel (Wellington) 02/08/2017 19:00
Population control The Cock Hotel (Wellington) 06/09/2017 19:00