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The Sportsman (Huddersfield)

Address: 1 St Johns Road, Huddersfield, HD1 5AY

Notes: Contact: howardt@ntlworld.com

Upcoming Topics/Events

Topic Proposed Date Time
What are Selves? Open forum 03/06/2019 19:00
What are selves: Brains, regenerating bodies, social constructions, souls - or something else?
Claims to virtuousness! The group 01/07/2019 19:00
Priests and politicians claim to be virtuous. How are they virtuous and how should they be virtuous?
How can we achieve Happiness? The group 02/09/2019 19:00
Surveillance/punishment on Social Media? Open forum 07/10/2019 19:00
What is good/bad about the surveillance and punishment of what some people say on social media and elsewhere?
What are most entertaining Fictions and Fallacies today? Open forum 04/11/2019 19:00
Jeremy Bentham (1824) wrote wittily about fictions and fallacies based on what he learned when studying the House of Commons. What are the most entertaining Fictions and Fallacies today?
What is Literature? Open forum 02/12/2019 19:00
Should Bob Dylan have been awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature?

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