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Here are all the up and coming enquiry topics and events.

Topic Venue Presenter Date Time
Mancom Meeting RWF - Zoom meeting Bob 27/01/2021 19:00
What is Britishness? Armchair Philosophers (Manchester) Anna 27/01/2021 19:30
Manchester Armchair Philosophers Meetup group
Are we Responsible for Earlier Manifestations of our Personal Identity? Southport PIPs David 28/01/2021 19:00
For notes see: http://southportpips.weebly.com/uploads/1/2/1/4/121454485/personal_identity.pdf ... For Zoom details contact keith@trillian.tv ... Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/341376923394618
Rationality + Irrationality? City Centre group (Liverpool) Paul D 01/02/2021 13:30
Philosophers from Plato to Rene Descartes have assumed that the human psyche contains a non-rational element that either is impervious to reason, and therefore irrational, or can be educated by reason and made rational. But Blaise Pascal argues that there may be rationality in irrationality: “The heart has its reasons which reason cannot know”. Some philosophers, including Friedrich Nietzsche, defend the importance of irrationality in our lives, but in surprisingly rational ways.
Introduction to Marx's Capital: Money Old Swan (Zoom session) Sean T 01/02/2021 19:00
Zoom ID: 732 8781 2863 ..... Passcode: Marx!
Bubble Universes Southport PiPs Science Extra Jubin 01/02/2021 19:00
See the following TEDx talk for an introduction: https://youtu.be/6eaBPc_fLVs
Do alternative states of consciousness have anything to offer philosophy? Keith's Wine Bar (L'pool South) Gordon 02/02/2021 19:15
Meeting ID: 811 3787 6855 ..... Passcode: 361330
Transgender issues; Gender Recognition Act; Philosophy of making a choice or a predisposed sense of gender. The Blue Bell (Eccles) Open forum 03/02/2021 19:30
PIP's Online Winter Symposium! The Internet Arms PIP's Wider Committee 07/02/2021 10:00
Gender Identity? City Centre group (Liverpool) Open forum 08/02/2021 13:30
Gender identity is the personal sense of one's own gender. Gender identity can correlate with a person's assigned sex at birth or can differ from it. Gender expression typically reflects a person's gender identity, but this is not always the case. Wikipedia) .......... Stimulus link ......... https://revisesociology.com/2017/08/07/sex-gender-identity-sociology-introduction/
Intro to Marx's Capital: Money Old Swan (Zoom session) Sean T 08/02/2021 19:00
Zoom ID: 732 8781 2863 ..... Passcode: Marx!
Conspiracy Theory? Keith's Wine Bar (L'pool South) Rie 09/02/2021 19:15
Meeting ID: 811 3787 6855 ..... Passcode: 361330
Is victimhood bad for the soul? Is it socially constructed? The Blue Bell (Eccles) 10/02/2021 00:00
The Plague (Albert Camus) Grimsby Reading Group (PIPs) Billy D 11/02/2021 19:30
Online Philosophy in Public Spaces Reading Group, Grimsby: ........ This one will really speak to our times, methinks, see you there if you can make it! Billy ...... Zoom link... http://zoom.us/j/91328331644
Marx's Capital: Money into CAPITAL Old Swan (Zoom session) Sean T 15/02/2021 19:00
Zoom ID: 732 8781 2863 ..... Passcode: Marx!
Can poverty in Britain ever be eradicated? The Blue Bell (Eccles) 17/02/2021 00:00
What would I tell my 19 year old self and what did I know at 19 and will never know again? The Blue Bell (Eccles) Open forum 17/02/2021 19:30
Capital Volume One: a Glossary of Concepts Study Group Dave Lowes 18/02/2021 18:00
At this meeting Dave will introduce his work: “Karl Marx’s Capital Volume One: a Glossary of Concepts” He has suggested that group members indicate the concepts they would like to be addressed, so as to make the session participatory and thus of more interest ...... Please express your preferences by posting a comment to the Facebook:...... https://www.facebook.com/groups/516897881839878/permalink/1443826942480296. ......Email Info@philosophyinpubs.co.uk for Jitsi details
Is fairness the same as equality? The Blue Bell (Eccles) 24/02/2021 00:00
Can livestock farming ever be cruelty free? The Blue Bell (Eccles) 03/03/2021 00:00
Slavery - including how to identify modern day slavery. The Blue Bell (Eccles) 10/03/2021 00:00
What is a conspiracy theory? The Blue Bell (Eccles) 17/03/2021 00:00
The secret of primitive accumulation Jack Jones House Study Group 18/03/2021 18:00
Gramsci Jack Jones House Study Group 22/04/2021 18:00
Are we a real democracy? The Blue Bell (Eccles) 04/05/2021 19:30