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Here are all the up and coming enquiry topics and events.

Topic Venue Presenter Date Time
Marx Study Group Jack Jones House Grazia 21/11/2019 18:00
Tonight we are discussing The Labour Process and the Production of Surplus value, Capital, Vol. 1, Part III, Chapters 7, 8, and 9. Paul has kindly prepared a paper to help our discussion.
Spirituality? The Friday Forum Paul Doran 22/11/2019 14:00
Differentiating Spirituality from Religion...........Friday Forum meeting at Piazza Cafe as usual. Do drop in.
Marxian Book Fair The Casa Bar (Liverpool) Marxist study group 23/11/2019 11:00
Merseyside Marxian Bookfair - to be held at The Casa on Saturday 23rd November 11am-4pm. (http://merseysidemarxistbookfair.uk/)
Common sense ? The Crown (Liverpool) Martin 25/11/2019 14:15
An Introduction to David Hume (Course) The Ship & Mitre (upstairs) Sean Timmins 25/11/2019 19:00
TZVETAN TODOROV 'S DEFENCE OF THE ENLIGHTENMENT Frodsham Community Centre Derek Meakin 26/11/2019 10:30
The Enlightenment has been controversial from its inception. In the 18th century it was bitterly opposed by the Counter Enlightenment but powerfully defended by Immanuel Kant. The debate has continued, with some viewing it as an engine of moral progress, while others blame it for 20th century atrocities. Having already studied John Gray's scathing criticism of the Enlightenment, we turn next to a strong defence of it by the French philosopher Tzvetan Todorov, to see if we can adjudicate between these two positions. Please note that we have agreed that, if we have time before the end of the meeting, we will also look at John Gray's book Seven Types of Atheism (2018) as a prelude to to a more detailed study. All welcome, no previous knowledge philosophy is necessary Enquiries: johnsonvlntn@aol.com
There's no such thing as public opinion! Bluecoat Art Centre (Liverpool) The group 26/11/2019 13:00
OPEN FORUM The Victoria (Waterloo) All Members 26/11/2019 18:30
Antinatalism? Keith's Wine Bar (L'pool South) Open forum 26/11/2019 19:15
Consciousness The George Hotel 27/11/2019 19:30
Doreen Maitre will be outlining some ideas presented in her recent book on consciousness.
Differentiating Religion from Spirituality The Coffee House (Picton Clock) Open forum 28/11/2019 19:15
Consequences...? The Crown (Liverpool) Open forum 02/12/2019 14:15
The Adventures of Augie March Lime Kiln (Concert Square) Jim 02/12/2019 18:15
To the end.
What is Literature? The Sportsman (Huddersfield) Open forum 02/12/2019 19:00
Should Bob Dylan have been awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature?
Ramsbottom (Rose & Crown) 02/12/2019 19:30
Open Forum The Dog & Partridge (Sheffield) Rosie 02/12/2019 19:45
Intuition and Love? Keith's Wine Bar (L'pool South) Open forum 03/12/2019 19:15
Art for Art Sake The Rose & Crown (Bebington) Paul D 04/12/2019 13:00
Today's stimulus will be a spoken dialogue about 'Art' between Plato and Kolon. (writen by Tom McLennan)
Is Man an Animal Like any Other? The Cock Hotel (Wellington) Sylvie 04/12/2019 19:00
Euthanasia. Compassion or murder? The Blue Bell (Eccles) 04/12/2019 19:30
To be revealed on the night! The Exchange (Leicester) Matthew 04/12/2019 19:30
Ideology? The Crown (Liverpool) Linda 09/12/2019 14:15
Nietzsche's Monism Lime Kiln (Concert Square) Russell 09/12/2019 18:15
TBA The Saracen's Head (Stockton Heath) Bill 09/12/2019 19:00
Christmas Special The Ostrich Hotel (Prestwich) Phil 09/12/2019 20:00
TBA The Pack Horse (Leeds) Oli Gomersall 11/12/2019 18:00
PIP's Christmas Party! Flanagan's Apple Restaurant/Bar Merseyside PIPs 13/12/2019 19:00
Art for Art's Sake The Casa Bar (Liverpool) The group 14/12/2019 11:00
Racism or Culturism? The Crown (Liverpool) Paul D 16/12/2019 14:15
Measure for Measure The Vernon Group 16/12/2019 18:15
Stepping through the Ages The Perch Rock (New Brighton) Open forum 16/12/2019 19:00
There have been numerous attempts to categorise the various phases of life, such as the Three Ages of Man by Titian or the Seven Ages of Man by Shakespeare. These artists have used their talents to examine and express the challenges we all face as we transition between different stages in our lives. The Philosophy of Change looks at how we live our lives and cope with these changes. How do we handle these challenges today and are there new factors that will make this easier or harder for our children?
Does family matter at some times more than others? The Black Horse (Heswall) Chris 17/12/2019 19:00
Please note the change of venue - The Black Horse in Heswall Lower Village - and that we're meeting on the 3rd Tuesday for this December instead of the usual 2nd Tuesday
Xmas? To be confirmed. The Blue Bell (Eccles) 18/12/2019 19:30
Town Planning or Social Control? The Rose & Crown (Bebington) Siobhan 08/01/2020 13:00
Can we teach empathy? The Blue Bell (Eccles) 15/01/2020 19:30
Transgenderism in Sports – Does it confer undue advantage? The Greyhound (Newcastle-under-Lyme) the group 20/01/2020 19:30
Architecture, and how it affects us. The Rose & Crown (Bebington) Martin 22/01/2020 13:00
Restrict speech? See note. The Blue Bell (Eccles) 05/02/2020 19:30
Lordable attempts to restrict speech can quickly become a tool to silence critics and oppress minorities" Obama 2012. Discuss.
How do we prioritise conflicting rights? (Who's rights are more right?) The Blue Bell (Eccles) 19/02/2020 19:30
Morality and Marketing The Greyhound (Newcastle-under-Lyme) the group 19/02/2020 19:30
When is it appropriate to keep secrets? The Blue Bell (Eccles) 04/03/2020 19:30
How do we stay human in a digital landscape? The Blue Bell (Eccles) 18/03/2020 19:30
What is the point of a university degree? The Greyhound (Newcastle-under-Lyme) the group 18/03/2020 19:30
Should animals have rights? The Blue Bell (Eccles) 01/04/2020 19:30
Mind and Matter – Is matter all there is? The Greyhound (Newcastle-under-Lyme) the group 15/04/2020 19:30
Is lying a prerequisite of modern social living? The Greyhound (Newcastle-under-Lyme) the group 20/05/2020 19:30
Information as property and the possibility of privacy The Greyhound (Newcastle-under-Lyme) the group 17/06/2020 19:30
Information as property and the possibility of privacy The Greyhound (Newcastle-under-Lyme) the group 17/06/2020 19:30
When does a machine obtain moral recognition? The Greyhound (Newcastle-under-Lyme) the group 15/07/2020 19:30
Transhumanism: Can body modification ever go too far? The Greyhound (Newcastle-under-Lyme) the group 19/08/2020 19:30
Is all work prostitution? The Greyhound (Newcastle-under-Lyme) the group 16/09/2020 19:30
Is democracy even possible? The Greyhound (Newcastle-under-Lyme) the group 21/11/2020 19:30